The modern computer is a culmination of decades of innovation and design by thousands of software and hardware developers; as such they are undoubtedly the most complicated devices that we own.


At Plain Logic we diagnose and repair both computer hardware and software in equal measure. With nearly two decades of hands on experience in repairing computers we have the equipment and the knowledge required to troubleshoot even the most intermittent of faults.


Our dedicated workshop is equipped with unlimited business fibre optic internet and cabling for up to 6 computers and we carry all major Microsoft Windows and Office media; we can also perform on-site repairs where applicable.


Some of the more common repairs and tasks we undertake are:


  • Repair of slow and corrupt Windows operating systems
  • Removal of viruses / malware
  • Diagnosis of resolution of software faults
  • Installation and setup of security software
  • Setup of new computers
  • Internet and wireless troubleshooting
  • Tuition and advice
  • Replacement of faulty hard drives, memories and power supplies
  • Troubleshooting printers, scanners and cameras



Computer Repair